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Tori & Taz


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Our Story


Our Story


TORI & TAZ Jewellery Inc. was born in New York City where a serendipitous meeting between two like-minded blondes from opposite ends of the world lead to an instant and enduring friendship.


Tori and Taz were each drawn to New York City not only for its reputation as a global power city and the impact it exerts upon art and fashion, but also because it houses one of the Gemological Institute of America’s worldwide campuses. GIA is the foremost authority in research and education in the field of gemology and the jewelry arts and is one of the world’s most prestigious education institutes. At GIA, Tori and Taz developed skills in jewellery design, an increased passion for the industry and a bond in each other that saw their independent career goals merge into one vision: TORI & TAZ Jewellery Inc.

Blue Topaz
Round Halo Stud Earring

Our Jewellery

We want you feel confident in our individual qualifications and ability to provide you with high quality jewellery that is eye-catching and made to last. We are troubled by the exorbitant prices that jewellery brands charge for low-quality or low-value product. We use only the finest natural materials and manufacturing techniques to produce our jewellery. All TORI & TAZ jewellery is made from sterling silver (925), gold and all natural gemstones. None of our product contains low-grade metals such as pewter, brass or copper or any stone simulates such as Cubic Zirconia, glass, plastic or even crystal.


At TORI & TAZ we believe in providing a beautiful piece of jewellery that not only holds its material value, but one that is quality crafted in a sentiment that can be handed down from generation to generation.


TORI & TAZ jewellery is not only an object of design through conceptual and technological eclecticism; it is a celebration of beauty, quality, sentiment and personal expression – one that will last you more than a lifetime.


About Taz

Taz was born and raised on the sunny shores of South Africa, but has spent years living and traveling abroad. Although Cape Town is home, many countries around the globe, including Canada, the USA and England, have been deemed home at one time or another. Taz is enthralled by travel – seeing, experiencing and absorbing the world’s creative, cultural and natural diversity is an infatuation for this free-spirited wanderer. Taz is also addicted to learning and has become somewhat a jack-of-all-trades. Although her education and skills surpass the jewellery industry, design has always been her greatest passion. Her education in jewellery was made official through her acquisition of several GIA certified qualifications in jewellery design and gemology. However, as the progeny of two generations of gemologists and industry entrepreneurs, Taz’s knowledge in the industry was cultivating long before she attended the prestigious GIA. Taz comes from a family business that has a reputation as one of South Africa’s leading diamond and jewellery businesses. Taz is thus not only deeply passionate about this industry, she is also well accustomed to it from a theoretical, technical and experiential standpoint.


About Tori

An innovator and a leader, Tori is seldom still, unless she’s designing jewellery or having a glass of wine with friends and family. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, Tori is a product of the Prairies – resilient, inventive and passionate for the outdoors. Her adventures have taken her skiing in the Canadian Rockies, surfing in Hawaii, skydiving in Australia, cycling in New Zealand, hiking a live volcano in Bali, yoga in Thailand and shopping in Paris. While earning her Bachelor’s Business degree, Tori’s leadership skills took her to many corporate and community events, which, of course, required the right outfit and jewellery. When the right jewellery wasn’t to be bought, Tori created her own. It was admired and desired by so many that Tori started selling her pieces. As her business grew, Tori craved more knowledge and adventure, which took her to New York City and the Gemology Institute of America. An award-winning athlete and academic, Tori’s pursuit of excellence is evident in the exceptional quality jewellery of TORI & TAZ.

Contact Information

Phone Tori & Taz 306.536.8674