Sarah Burke Foundation

Tori and Taz are pleased to announce the launch of this bracelet in support of the Sarah Burke Foundation. Sarah grew up skiing with her family before pioneering women’s Olympic and international freeskiing, inspiring thousands of women along the way. Her passion, determination and love for the sport earned her many accolades, but in our minds it was her enthusiasm and willingness to help those less fortunate than herself that will define her legacy.

The Sarah Burke Foundation was set-up to carry on Sarah’s spirit and memory by supporting those in need. Tori and Taz are both proud and privileged to partner with the foundation. In fact, as passionate sportswomen and skiiers ourselves, we feel a deep sense of appreciation for the work Sarah, and now the foundation, have done. The bracelets were designed with Sarah’s zest for life, sense of adventure and generosity in mind.

The Tori and Taz Sarah Burke Foundation bracelets are made with the highest quality semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and gold. This is fitting for a woman that redefined the sport of freestyle skiing and who won gold in competitions around the world. The bracelets have been elegantly designed to embrace both the spirit and inner beauty of Sarah, reminding us all to ‘dream’ and ‘believe’ without fear.


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