TORI & TAZ Jewellery Inc. was born in New York City where Tori, a Canadian, and Taz, a South African, met while attending the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) - the foremost authority in the field of gemology and the jewellery arts. Tori and Taz were each drawn to New York City not only because it houses the GIA, but also for its reputation as a global power city and the impact it exerts upon art and fashion. It was here that Tori and Taz developed their skills in jewellery design and gemology and deepened their kindred passion for the industry which saw their independent career goals merge into the same vision: TORI & TAZ Jewellery Inc.


TORI & TAZ Jewellery features feminine-meets-edgy designs that are made from only the finest materials - sterling silver and gold, with ethically sourced natural gemstones and diamonds. We believe that jewellery should be precious, but it should also be enjoyed every day in a way that complements our lives. Whether you're walking your dog, hitting the gym, climbing the corporate ladder or attending after-work drinks with your girlfriends, we've designed our jewellery with your active, empowered love of life in mind.

At TORI & TAZ we believe that jewellery is a celebration of beauty, quality and personal expression – one that will last you more than a lifetime.